I have some surf experience and want to work on more advanced maneuvers; do you offer programs for this?

Yes, we work with students on intermediate and advanced levels of surfing including competitive surfing tips. Our location also gives us the ability to take experienced surfers to a point break down the beach. These waves provide experienced surfers more options to attempt high performance maneuvers.

I have never surfed before. Do you have a program for someone like me?

About 50% of our students have never surfed before. We only require that you are comfortable swimming in the surf zone and are able to tread water for a minimum of 5 minutes.



Is there a lifeguard at the beach you use, I am worried about some of the safety aspects of surfing?

Nantasket Beach does have lifeguards on duty all summer long; however they are down the beach from our camp site. We always keep one of our instructors on the beach to act as a lifeguard/instructor from the sand. If ocean conditions are too dangerous, which is rare, we do not enter the water and have other activities planned for our campers. There is, at the very least, one certified lifeguard on staff working every day.

What is the ratio of students to instructors and what are the qualifications of the instructors?

We guarantee a student to instructor ration of 5:1, however, there will be days when the ratio is better. All instructors have years of surfing and ocean experience. Every instructor is also CPR certified. SSSC's Camp Director, Kyle Shaw, was Head Lifeguarding experience at Nauset Beach where he worked for 9 years and trained lifeguards in ocean safety. All instructors are handpicked and trained by Kyle in all aspects of surf training.  

Can I bring my own equipment?

Yes, you are welcome to bring your own equipment if you have it, in fact we recommend it. For those who need equipment we do provide surfboards and wetsuits.

What is there to do if it rains all day?

SSSC is run through the Parks and Recreation Department of Hull. This gives us access to the Jacobs Elementary School Gymnasium where Camp Director, Kyle Shaw, works as a the Assistant Principal. The gymnasium gives us the ability to operate 5 days a week. Surf movies, surf stories, physical activities and games will be enjoyed during the day.