THE BREAK: There is a nice sand bar located directly in front of the camp site where waves break both to the right and left. The wave is mellow and perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers. This is where the majority of our surfing takes place. For our more advanced surfers, there is a point break located down the beach from our site. Supervised surf sessions are provided at that break when the wave conditions are right.

THE SCHOOL: Every once in awhile the weather interferes and we need to use the gym. The Jacobs Elementary School is located on 180 Harborview Rd. All the Physical Education equipment is accessible to SSSC as well as a TV and VCR. Gym days are action packed and include a surfboard museum with over 30 surfboards. Gym days are not ideal but the kids always have a lot of fun.

NANTASKET BEACH: South Shore Surf Camp is located in Hull, MA on the famous Nastasket Beach. This location was chosen because it is the most consistent beach for swell and the only beach on the South Shore where waves break on all tides.

THE SITE: The camp site is located at the end of A Street off Nantasket Avenue. This stretch of beach is on the Town Beach, away from the crowds of the Public Beach. There is a drop off area right in from of the camp site. Our two large orange tents are visible from the road.